The fastest growing crime these days is identity theft. Your only defense is
FaceLockTM Anatomy
Protection Service
Without adequate safeguards, criminals can easily access any facet of your existence like bank accounts, credit cards, personal records and proprietary communications. Worst of all, no chemical test or computer check will reveal if your body has been illegally replicated. Even your wife and family are at risk. But with FaceLockTM security, you never need to fear body snatching pod invaders, dopplegangers, elfin changelings, Things from outer space, Kamino cloners, T-1000 Terminators, Delta Quadrant Founders or Metamorphmaguses. Fingerprints, retinal scans, pheromone sniffers and DNA analysis just aren't enough, only the neutrino tunneling scrutiny of FaceLockTM can provide the safety you require. Protect yourself and your family, be sure with FaceLockTM.