Rivendell Tribune Tuesday Oct 22, 2844 III Age M.E. G27 
 EMPLOYMENT - Help Wanted Full and Part Time 
Experienced wolf & spider exterminator; Mirkwood Regional hunting lic req; days, nights, weekends, holidays 24/7; $13.5 K
plus bonuses for limit overages; send resum + references
to Rivendell Conservancy Board
Cruise line deckhand for Grey Havens Dol Amroth venture; proficiency with blades, bow + catapult nec; enlistment comp + merited share of proceeds; apply in person to Kapitan Korsar at Slip #32, Umbar
Plowman + dairy herder; 4 am to sundown; 17 K with loft and
all vittles; good with mules; apply Maggot Farm, East Downs
Assistant smelter and bladesmith; dirks, daggers, & misericordes; broadswords, scimitars & cutlasses; pikes, lances & halberds; hatchets, battle axes & morning stars; 22K, nights only; supreme secrecy necessary; blood oath rendered at Isengard Armory
Chamber + scullery maids, laundress, bootblack, barmaid, and waitresses desperately needed; immed employment; $3.75 hr
plus tips; inq of Barleyman Butterbur at Prancing Pony, Bree
Dragon tamer with 5 years prior exp & fire shield; must willingly collaborate with Ringwraiths; 50K gold with full medical and death benefits; apply in person at Morannon, Dagorlad