Gomez Addams' Trick-or-Treat Shish Kebabs
one dozen giant Amazonian bat livers
sixteen Death Angel toadstool caps
one dozen Sinai scorpions
three fugu fillets, quartered
one moldy pumpkin, cut into sixteen 2" cubes
Uncle Fester's Fiery Hell Barbecue Sauce
1/4 cup castor bean oil
1/2 cup belladonna vinegar
2 cups cochineal purée
2 tsp ground nettle
4 tbs battery acid

Alternately skewer 3 livers, 3 scorpions, 3 fish fillets, 4 mushrooms + 4 pumpkin cubes on a porcupine quill; marinate in barbecue sauce 2 hrs; grill over hemlock charcoal 15 minutes per side while continuously basting; pumpkin chunks should shrivel to half-size and be charred crusty black; recipe serves four
serve with Morticia's Ghastly Gimlet cocktail: 1 scoop of shaved dry ice in a highball glass; add 1 jigger of absinthe and splash of squid ink; fill glass with sulfur springs sparkling water; garnish with goat's eyeball + cigar