Hi! Billy Mays here for the the amazing nano-power of new and improved Oxy-Kleen. Oxy-Kleen's nanites can be easily programmed to solve all your cleaning jobs, from household chores to industrial toxic spills. Mold and mildew build-up in your bathroom can be an unsightly mess. With new Oxy-Kleen, you can eliminate the problem in minutes. Just select the proper option from the menu on Oxy-Kleen's digital canister and mix the pre-measured powder with ordinary tap water. Then simply sponge mop the entire bathroom - the floor, the walls, even the ceiling! Oxy-Kleen will not only kill the mold and mildew but it will completely remodel your bathroom to resemble the Versailles Palace! Isn't that amazing? Who wouldn't want a solid gold toilet like this?

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