Very tall, regal, hirsute M; loves moonlit walks in jungle, rock
climbing, reptile wrestling + bananas; hates flying; ISO sexy
photogenic blonde F for long term commitment; no games
Skull Island 647835
Mercurial, nattily attired PhD; into chronomechanics and jelly
beans; dislikes tunnels + exterminations; ISO nubile English F
willing to travel + do all the heavy lifting; screaming a plus
Somewhen 3244 B.C.
Shy, inventive MET, 3? 2? 40 lb; likes gardening, chocolate +
bicycle riding; ISO FET with flat feet, wig and glowing finger
Home 592408-1739-625812
Large economy-size M harpist; into magic beans + fairy rap;
ISO hungry mouse, goofy dog + irascible duck; let?s do lunch
Kingdom 638629
Spooky SWF goth, looks good in black; into metaphysics,
photography + calypso; I am alone I am utterly alone, in des-
perate need of spectral excitement; please no worms;
CT 170418
Closet biWM, 6? 6? 265; with palatial arctic residence; likes
trains, jumping, bullet racing, spandex tights + phone booth sex;
ISO of brainiac M and/or F not afraid of experimentation
Metropolis 793164
SRHb, 60, 6?5? 370; sardonic, satyric + heavy-handed but very
human soul; de-horned but really big tail; likes boxing, cigars,
cats + candy; tired of fiery exotic drama queens; ISO normal
everyday down to earth girl, any color except pink
Newark NJ 108347
Attractive blonde SWF, mid-30s; H/W proportionate; earnest,
adventurous, highly intelligent military officer; expert on hyper-
dimensional travel; ISO compassionate M willing to commit to
secretive long distance relationship; Asgard a plus, no Chakas
Boulder CO ℑ℘ℵðÞζΔ
Alluring SWFB, 237 yrs, 5' 9" 135#; bald with pariental clamp; 10
billion children; superintelligent dominatrix, CEO of extensive
spacefaring org; into rubber suits, implants and tetrionic S&M;
ISO of partners, any age size sex or species; let's assimilate!
Delta Quad 01010110111001000110100011101000010110
SWM 22, 5' 8" 155 lbs; into skateboarding, guitars, souped up
cars, wagering on sports + genalogy; hates lightning, trains,
bears and terrorists; ISO of nubile, understanding, punctual SWF
who likes to travel, interested in starting family
Hill Valley CA 482761