• If you get stuck in a traffic jam, simply use the Sirenia Coppus hex and you'll be there in no time!
  • When clearing out a desperately clogged drain, Ms. Myrtle recommends the Obstructo Eruptus charm.
  • If you're in a hurry and the check-out line at the grocery store is too long, cast the Calorictum Reducto charm on the carts ahead of you.
  • Got a nosy Muggle neighbor who won't mind his own business? Hurl the Naris Distendia spell in his direction.
  • If you're in a tie-breaker tennis match and you only need to serve one more ace to win, use the Ad In Finitum charm.
  • Having problems with Cialis overdose? No need to consult a physician, just give it the Pharmaceutium Deflato hex!
  • When meeting obnoxious former classmates at a reunion, hex them with the Fatuus Denudem spell. Leaving your eyes open or closed is optional, it works wonders either way!
  • If any wizards or witches are spreading false rumors about you behind your back, cast the Aspergio Adulteratum curse upon their spouses. Then watch the fun!
  • The Superbus Collidatus hex is a useful solution in many circumstances: doctors, lawyers, insurance salesmen, even telemarketers!
  • When irritated by an Infernal Revenue Service inquiry, apply the Arithomanci Fudgerum charm to the Dementauditor. If the Dark Agent happens to be a particularly dense spectre, switch to the Aritho Fugit curse.
  • When meeting any candidates for political office, always greet them with the Ignoramus Expectorato spell. For greater effect, add the Engorgio flourish.
  • If you are being chased by an aggressive dragon and are inconveniently set on fire, quickly employ the Extinguishio Assumi spell.