Terawatt turbolasers 1875 cred w/armor; Hailfire II missile
85 cred; blst rfls 65 cred per case; thml dtntrs 90 cred/doz;
Nal Hutta 666-007-894257 ask for Zorbba
Amaze your friends! Learn Jedi techniques at home!
Simple 16 wk course teaches secrets of ancient Masters!
No obligation, send tongue print for brochure
Wayland 3.64
Y-wing - '37 Seinar w/SS4 non C+ reactor; 11 parsecs,
still flies great; needs body work + deflect gen; 300 c OBO
Ord Mantell 246-9318-504
SURPLUS HDWE pwr cplgs + cnvrts; Imp prb drd parts;
2-1B voders; var. hydrspn + rstrg blts; compet prices
Verpine 8-352-61
Fanfar Kloo horn - double reed tenor w/ebonite finish;
excel cond; best offer or trade for glitterstim
Bilbringi 28-405 ask for D'an
Lightsaber: triple crystal Clone Wars model; good working
cond, some ichor stains; real collector's item, 175 c firm
Yavin 7692-1931
HAULING anything anytime anywhere; modif C + .5
YT-1300 stk lt frgtr; shielded cargo bunkers; private,
discreet, guaranteed delivery; blockade running a specialty
Corellia 761-492-158-309
Traditional Naboo wedding gown, white brocade, cutaway
back + lace veil: 90 cred; sexy black leather bustier with
full length gloves: 75 c; bronze homocranial halo: best offer
Naboo LAKE*619
Carbonite freezer- Loronar 400 cu ft frost free; embedded
life support capable; still under warranty
Bespin 337-ICE-9
Ysalamiri - w/choice of nutrient apparatus; guaranteed
anti-Forceful; housebroken, good w/children; 650 creds
Mrykyr 4-2 anytime
Bantha dung 20 cred per ton U-haul; genuine Tusken
gaderffi stick 4 c ; sndcrwl scrap JAWA TRADERS
Tatooine 74-25-3
Hyperdrive Motivators: many types + models; buy-sell-trade
Sullust 6038-4197-2446-15 (translator avail)
DEAD AND/OR ALIVE - Bail jumpers, flyers + swimmers
reclaimed; Rebel traitors subdued; bad debts procured by
any means; no criminal too vicious, no bounty too small
Headhunting by appointment only
Kessel 1-23-456
Model R-16 droid warriors; multi-task radio controlled;
fearless + dependable; 5500 cred/battalion; buy-rent-lease;
STAP vehicles extra; deadly security droideka 1285 per
Inquire about our full investiture services
Neimoidia / ' \ = ` | " / -
REBUILT POD RACER - Collor Pondrad Mammoth;
Plug-F; foot/hand/tentacle controls; spit tail exhaust;
36,000 thrust total w/afterburn; make offer
Malastare >Z-blba<
USED DEATH STAR like new, only jumped once; 9K door,
skull white, dead gray int; loaded, 36.71 gigawt planet buster;
accommo 42K+drds; int+ext secursys, lifsup, am-fm, snrf;
Coruscant 2206701395241829000 IMPERIAL MOTORS
Nerf fur and entrails - cheap
Ryloth 881-4627
Breath masks - any physiog/any atmos
Glottalphib :";',..':"