When I was 16, I wasnt the type of person to be interested in book learning, so I never paid much attention in school. When I dropped out of Nova High, I went to work at Spacely Sprockets cutting teeth. The pay was okay for a while but wildcat layoffs made things tough. I finally realized I needed to get a better job. So I enrolled at StarDrive Technical Academy for training in spacecraft propulsive systems.

StarDrive Tech beneficially provided me with all the necessary funding at Ferengi rates. Soon I was learning about the construction and repair of all types of reaction drives, from hydrogen fueled rockets to fusion generators to ion dynamos and impulse engines. I also studied the C+ theories of anti-matter warp propulsion: Captain, we have a coolant leak in the warp core reactor and the dilithium crystals are beginning to melt down! Then I advanced to diagnosing the complexities of lightspeed hyperdrive motivators: No no, this one goes here and that one goes there!

When I graduated from StarDrive Technical Academy, they even helped me land a good job at the Martian spacedocks working on all types of spacecraft, everything from Imperial shuttles to speed demon vulture-winged gunfighters to deep space Galaxy class star cruisers. My life has been completely transformed. I was able to marry a wonderful green-skinned dancing girl from Orion and start our own family, Luke and Alexander. I'm paying lots of Republic credits to SDT for my education but without their help, Id still be stuck in a dead-end job grinding teeth for Mr. Spacely.

You too can achieve your dreams in the field of space propulsion engineering with an education from StarDrive Technical Academy. You too can ramp up the power plant performance of the big rigs, then take them for a road test. Contact SDT today at gwnet /sdta_propulsion.com /edu.ork