Metropolis NY (AP) An unnamed source revealed today that Superman tested positive for an unspecified performance enhancing substance during the 2003 drug tests conducted by the Major League of Superheroes. By agreement, the results of these tests were supposed to remain anonymous and undisclosed. Several other superheroes who tested positive such as Wonder Woman, Flash, Spiderman, Wolverine, the Thing and the Hulk have already admitted their culpability.
In 2003, ultrasteroids, inhuman growth hormone and cryptonic isotope were not yet banned by MLSH. However, leaks concerning the test results show that the superheroes' testimony before the Senate's investigative committee in 2005 were an utter fabrication of denials and falsehoods. When their contract with MLSH was renegotiated in 2006, the Professional Superheroes Association agreed to mandatory testing. Supervillains were not covered by this agreement and quickly established a commanding position of dominance over their arch rivals. The pressure to meet this challenge led to the unrestrained HEROES G7