Infinite Void
by Phillip Blankenship (MT Press 2000; 1000 pg)
This vacantly insipid science fiction spy thriller takes place in the far future when Earth makes contact with a coalition of alien
empires. Although appearing to be outwardly friendly, these predatory alien races are covertly engaged in the vicious elimination
of their competitors. The most powerful alien empire, the Voidian Imperative, is very annoyed by the sudden (INSERTION) of
humans into their authoritarian jurisdiction. When several important dignitaries mysteriously _________, Earth's top espionage
agent, Dash Barron, is put on the (case?). As ace investigator for the Office of Microscopic Intelligence and Technology, Barron is
expert at all forms of surveillance, interrogative __(noun)__ and hand-to-appendage combat.

Codenamed Agent 000-X, Barron is dispatched on an alien (neologistic)ship to the ephemeral planet Void to probe the (inexplicable)
 of the diplomats. A supersexy female operative named Filana LeBlanc is assigned to accompany Dash on this vital
mission. It isn't long before an assassination attempt is made on Dash's life. The atmosphere in his cabin is suddenly "evacuated"
to , (subject)ing Barron to hard vacuum. He is nearly suffixiated but LeBlanc has been secretly equipped with an (internal
synonym) oxygen supply and she rescues Dash with mouth-to-________ resuscitation.

A tenuously . . . . . . . . relationship begins to develop between the two agents when they get blank-faced drunk together. In such a highly
amnesial state, Dash's (conditional) condition is (predicate ejective). It's a very long journey across the interstellar (blank)ness and
Barron grows tense (genitive inflexion?) at the conjunctive thought. He knows that if he succumbs to temptation, he will have to pay the
price later on (syntax?). While admiring Filana's big BLANK, Dash starts to question the falsity of her enigmatic "blanks". Hacking
into the ship's nano(*) computer, Barron discovers a highly ambiguous (abstract noun) in LeBlanc's dossier. Could Filana be a double
_____ _____? This prospect leaves Dash mentally VACANT. Confronted by a (blank) wall of dissin-information, Barron is forced to search for more solid ___BLANK___.

Upon disem_____ing at Void, a network of surveillance drones descends on Dash like an electronic blankette and communication with
his contact at the embassy is b l a n k ed out. The Voidians are a race of mercurial changelings who can (morphological metaphor).
All they want is to sink their (interjective clause) into Barron's (posterior) : . [bracketed] by Voidian snipers, Dash ------ for cover but
LeBlanc is (vaporized ) by an antimatter __"obliterator"__. Barron nearly BLACKS , realizing that Filana has (deletion)ed
herself for the sake of the mission. What a (feminine "pro" noun)!

Barron {{}} for the "inevitable" ( ERASURE ). However, an undercover O.M.I.T. informant named Ditto tells Dash (blank).
Pulling out his (dangling participle) and shooting blanks at a furious rate, Dash is able to penetrate the (propositional noun) of the
clandestine (plot ). Reading between the ______ ______s, ---- finally captures the ("head" ) dictator of the Voidian (double)
S p a c e Navy. What Barron discovers about ( X ) will have dire xxxxxxxxxxxs for all (oxi-moron bipeds) in the entire
(astronomical megaformation). The enormity of this cryptic [ CENSORED ] terrifies Dash to his very bowels (declension? ).

The absent premise underlying Infinite Void is so immaterial as to be virtually nonexistential. The (empty parentheses) structure of
the novel and Blankenship's predictably "blank" stylism automatically preclude the development of any degree of dynamic BLANK,
creating an absolutely gaping ? in the narrative. The disembodied _____person voice is severely muted and the
vacuously dialogue becomes endlessly b l a n k. This creates a stroboscopic _ _ _ _ _ in the ____________.
For example, ( ? ). This incomplete bl. distracts the reader from identifying with the critical (blank!). A much smaller _ in the bla nk
would have produced a more compelling BLANK and would have helped to (insert here) into the allegorical * .

The characters of Barron and LeBlanc are frankly overwritten while the Voidians are lexically null and should have been ( DELETED ).
The blank landscape of Void is totally de____ of any literary substance, resulting in nothing. The only really good (complimentary
compliment) in the whole story occurs whenever someone inquires about Dash's inscrutable name. The ----ingly (masculine ) hero
always replies with the classic blank expression, "(barren), ---- Barron". However, this quickly becomes repetitiously ___ ___ ___,
leading to just another ludicrously anticlimactic ________________________________________.

If Blankenship intends to continue (irregular verb)ing, then he should (delete) the verbal irregularity and just (indicative verb) off.
The reader will gladly blankety ___blank___   and get (defunct).