"He Who Is So Old, His Name Has Been Forgotten"


By Scott Warner

 My dear Herne,

Greatest of hunters, staunchest of companions and bottomless drinking buddy, you know the reason for this missive. The day which must inevitably come unto each of us, has. Wearied beyond thought am I of this realm and proceedth ahead to the next. Seek me not for I have already gone I know not whence. Yet ever will I remember with surpassing joy our epic journeys through trackless forest, baking steppe and frigid mountain. No being could wish for finer fulfillment. Weep but little for its passing.

Still, memories of our age-enduring friendships with the Departed becloud my mind: the observant detachment of Haq; the loyalty of swift Ekka; the lumbering determination of Mamit; the leniency and balance of Oroka. Recall you the day we first met Zimbi? The river we carved that day still flows. Even the stolid patience of Totonki and the whimsical moodiness of Ursu ignite the passion of my heart. Importune privation, this sphere shall never see their like again. And deeper in the mists of time, the fierce ___________ and the fecund ___________. Did you ever meet ____________? It has been too long, I cannot recall.

You know what I am leading to, the betrayal of foolish Hanaman. None guessed the ultimate consequences of his impudent, imprudent meddling, not til the floodgates were burst. Our befuddlement at the sudden appearance of Frost Giants and Titans bringing strife to a world where none existed was but prelude to our utter revulsion at the bloodthirsty arrogance and transparent vanity of Olympians and Atmani. Only when we perceived the irrevocability of Hanaman's majick did we seek refuge.

Long we sailed your outrigger in search of concord, too late we learned the swift spread of Hanaman's malady amongst his creatures. And the last straw was those two squalling, sniveling brats: bombastic Ahli and his whiney sidekick... what was his name? Yahoo? The short sighted selfishness of human ambition could only ever be their undoing.

It is their world now, let them eat of it til they choke. Like Gaiya, you may choose to outlast another transition but I've had my bellyful. I now desire only surcease. Whatever befalls you, my oldest dearest friend, remember always our Eternal bond with deepest regard. Perhaps it will be renewed one day. And now I become...

 He Who Shall Remain Nameless For The Rest Of Forever,

P.S. Sidd, the messenger who bears my words, is but a recent acquaintance. Yet he shows the depth of understanding so sorely alack of late.
Befriend him if you can, I fear the abruptness of my leavetaking will tempt him. Besides, he has a great store of ribald jokes I know you will enjoy.